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MHW spark plug wire are manufactured with the highest quality, using the most advanced automatic equipment and a complete quality inspection system with ISO 3808 / ISO 9001 certification.
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At MHW we are committed to offering you the best products for your car. One of the most important parts of the ignition system are the spark plug wires, as they are responsible for conducting the electrical energy necessary to generate the fuel ignition spark.
Our spark plug wires were made with the highest quality standards, with insulating materials that prevent current leaks and withstand high temperatures, vibrations and high humidity levels. In addition, our cables meet the necessary characteristics for optimal and consistent long-term performance, even under the most extreme conditions.

The design of our cables minimizes electrical resistance to ensure optimal voltage transfer from the coil to the spark plug. This results in more efficient and consistent ignition.

At MHW we make sure all our spark plug wires are perfectly adapted to each vehicle for easy installation and flawless operation. With MHW spark plug wires you can be sure to get maximum performance and longevity from your ignition system.
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Spark plug wires with OEM quality.